An Online Course to Help You Get Rid of Your Anxiety


Are you ready to deal with your ANXIETY?

Learn about anxiety.

Learn about yourself.

Take action NOW.

The Anxiety Course is 3 Simple Modules

...and worth about a year in therapy


Part 1: In The Beginning:

Learn about your brain…the machine that thinks a lot!

Get info about adverse stress, and how it affects the brain.

Take control and chill out for a hot second.

BONUS! Learn 2 easy methods for getting to know about your brain!


Part 2: Developing Awareness and Insight

Why awareness matters

Triggers- It ain't funny

Develop insight about your anxiety cycle and how to interrupt it

Signs and Symptoms: What the hell just happened?!

BONUS! 3 effective exercises to try!


Part 3: Pathways for Healing

Get lifechanging tools, like, now.

Deal with your relationship with you. Um, yes. That's a thing.

...and Many more techniques and strategies for diminishing anxiety’s power

BONUS! 3 awesome challenges for feeling better!

About the Instructor: Rebecca Hunter, MSW

A badass therapist on a mission. She has a private practice, a podcast, an online business & big plans to help as many people recover from anxiety and depression as possible. Because, recovery is possible.


Designed by a Therapist and Anxiety Survivor

With each Module, Rebecca has carefully planned video lessons, 10-15 minutes each, and some experiential exercises, as well as powerful worksheets with journal prompts, and more. So, get a journal.

This course will set you up for a foundation of long term success with your anxiety issue. As a therapist and an "Anxiety Survivor" Rebecca, walks the talk. She has tried everything she recommends with great success. And, you get a behind the scenes look at a therapist in action!

This 3-Module course is a manageable amount of information, and not too much overwhelming "habit changes" that need to be implemented for success. It's a slow train baby. There is no "Easy" fix here. But this course will get you going in the right direction. Faster than all that damn talk-therapy. Yep, she said it.

But Wait there's more! (Sorry. Couldn't resist)

The Giant List of Resources! Rebecca is showing her true colors here, and giving you the ticket to recovery with these amazing book, podcast and You Tube resources. As a private practice therapist, Rebecca's clients know all too well her wealth of resource recommendations.  This is worth the cost of the Course alone! It’s Therapy without the Therapy!


Deal with your anxiety at your own pace, in your own space, for the cost of a couple of therapy sessions!


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