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What will you learn in the Anxiety Course?

Module 1: In The Beginning:

Learn about your brain…the machine that thinks a lot!

Get info about adverse stress, and how it affects the brain.

Take control and chill out for a hot second.

BONUS! Learn 2 easy methods for getting to know about your brain!

Module 2: Developing Awareness and Insight

Why awareness matters

Triggers- It ain't funny

Develop insight about your anxiety cycle and how to interrupt it

Signs and Symptoms: What the hell just happened?!

BONUS! 3 effective exercises to try!

Module 3: Pathways for Healing

Get lifechanging tools, like, now.

Deal with your relationship with you. Um, yes. That's a thing.

...and Many more techniques and strategies for diminishing anxiety’s power

BONUS! 3 awesome challenges for feeling better!

That's IT! It's just that simple.


Anxiety is Just an Emotion.

Not a State of Being. Take the Anxiety Course to Learn More

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