Hi... I'm Rebecca!


If you want to feel better pretty fast, I can help you.
I use a very action-oriented approach.

Most of my clients report improvement
after three sessions.

My office is casual.
We take off our shoes, drink tea and get to work!

If you are ready for change and open to ideas, call me!

If you work with me you are not going to get a "diagnosis." You are going to get insight, tools and knowledge.
I'm one of the most straightforward people you will ever meet. You will never feel judged in my office. I've been where you are and have had many amazing guides over the course of my life. I love helping people live their best life based on their values, not mine!

I'm a little nerdy about the work that I do. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work  from USC with a special concentration in Mental Health Therapy.  Each year I study an area of concentration that I am passionate about.

Recent trainings include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Self Compassion

  • Nutrition and Wellness

  • Values Based Living

  • Codependency

I'm well trained to treat people suffering from anxiety, depression, relationship or career issues. I've treated many other of life's struggles as well. 


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