Hey, Friend!

  • Do difficult situations or people put your anxiety over the top?
  • Want to stop overthinking, replaying scenes, and analyzing everything to death?
  • Are you ready to feel in control and start being present in your life?
  • Tired of your own negative self-talk and unnecessary apologies?
  • Ready to finally put the physical symptoms of stress behind you?

This class will help you!


Let me teach you a bunch of new skills! 

  • Understand and better manage everyday emotions

  • Get a handle on fear, worry and overthinking

  • Develop mindfulness and master the art of brain discipline

  • Cultivate a kind and gentle relationship with yourself

"Back to Calm" is a self-help class taught by a therapist and anxiety expert.

...proven & reliable therapy techniques, delivered in a straightforward, candid manner will give you everything you need.

Back to Calm will teach you what actually WORKS to solve anxiety. 

  1. POWERFUL, concise video lessons that slowly build on each other to avoid overwhelm. 
  2. Demos of SIMPLE, proven therapy techniques give specific instructions for relief.
  3. Visual HELP like checklists, prompts, and worksheets to keep you accountable and on track!

It's a therapist in your pocket.

START TODAY for only $149

"This is an amazing experience for anyone who is at the end of their rope with stress, overwhelm and anxiety. I have learned that a peaceful life is totally possible!"

Back to Calm Member

My Accountability Guarantee

As you work through the course you’ll have access to hands-on support and direct encouragement directly from me and our community. I’m here to set you up for success so that you can heal from anxiety once and for all.

I’m confident you’ll love the experience and walk away with massive value and new insights.

But if for some reason after buying this course you don't like what you see, simply get in touch within 2 weeks and I will gladly give you your money back.

After working in the therapy field for many years, I found the clinical, medical approach lacking. Long assessment forms, unnecessary diagnoses and ugly offices were not my style. That's why I am doing things differently.

Hi! I'm Rebecca

I work with chronically stressed out people, helping them to slow down, find balance and discover themselves. My career has provided me with extensive education and experience helping people solve the problem of anxiety and panic. I use a blend of mindset work, therapy techniques,  accountability, and action training to help people move towards relief.

When I'm not geeking out on mental health, I can be found outside! Whether it's hiking, fishing, camping or just hanging with my dog Lily, I am an easy going, open minded person, always on the lookout for the next adventure! 


"I have learned to be kind to myself and change my self talk. And THAT has gone a long way! I love the humor and personal anecdotes❤️"

Back to Calm Member

"You are so wonderful and helpful! Thank you so much for trying to help so many of us. Since you had anxiety, you know what it's like."

Back to Calm Member

"You are a great person to listen to and identify with. I love the way you teach about the brain in an informative, but informal way that anyone can understand."

Back to Calm Member

This class will help if you are...

  • Interested in learning new skills, and using ACTION based tools towards change 

  • Willing to try some NEW, out of the box ideas to feel way better

  • Interested in IMPROVING your relationship and understanding of yourself

  • In therapy, on meds, both or neither.


This class is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix. This is personal growth work for people who are ready and open to permanent change.


Sounds Great! I'm in!

This class has MASSIVE value!

Besides the huge amount of course content worth $1800 you'll get:

Follow Through Plan  (Worth $180)

Giant List of Resources (Worth $150)

Ask Anytime Q & A (Worth $250)

This bundle is worth around $2500—the average cost of a year of therapy!


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a totally online, on-demand, learn at your own pace course. You can take the course from anywhere, on any device. To access the course, you’ll simply login with the credentials you created upon purchasing the course. You can engage with each module as fast or slow as you’d like. There are short videos, PDF's and practice exercises to engage with in a certain order, so that you will feel relief from the angst right away.

Yes! Right inside the course, you can ask questions and get feedback in the comments under each video! Or send me an email anytime. This is an accountability program, so I’ll be right beside you to support your healing journey.

This is not a quick fix—it's more of ongoing program. It will take as long as you need. Many students use the program regularly, as it provides a lot of relief in the early days. The actions recommended in the course are things that take time and practice to learn and integrate into your life. This structure will provide the opportunity to see things differently and make real changes in the brain. That's how we solve anxiety.

Each section of the class has about 1 hour of video content broken up into 15 minute chunks, which you can incorporate into whatever pocket of time works best with your schedule. 

Even the busiest of people will be able to take this course. It takes about the same amount of time as weekly therapy would…but you can do it at your pace, in your own environment! It increases progress when you take time to journal.

"I am so much more aware of my thoughts!" 

"This course has been life changing!" 


""Having you as a guide has been really helpful. Your expert knowledge, enthusiasm, and contagious positivity …were absolutely worth the price!.” "

Back to Calm Member

Guaranteed Relief!

As you work through the course you’ll get hands-on support and direct encouragement directly from me and our community. I’m here to set you up for success so that you can heal from anxiety once and for all.

I’m confident you’ll love the experience and walk away with massive value and new insights.

But if for some reason after buying this course you don't like what you see, simply get in touch within 2 weeks and I will gladly give you your money back.

What's Included in This Program?

Back to Calm is designed in a specific order. The program has 3 sections that participants can do at their own pace, from any device. It has video content, exercise demonstrations and visual aids. This is brain based personal growth work.

Part 1: Anxiety Education

Learn fascinating info about why you have anxiety and how much power you actually DO have over it's control in your life. Practice proven skills to lower your stress level NOW.

Part 2: Mind Discipline

Learn why being present in your daily life is so important and how the heck to do it. Simple, straightforward skills to work into your existing schedule. Powerful change comes fast.

Part 3: Self Respect

It's time to get off of the self-critical, demanding rollercoaster. Discovering how to cultivate a kind and caring relationship with yourself will provide benefits that last a lifetime. 

You'll also Get Access to These EXTRAS!

Follow Through Plan:

 Get a therapist-designed (and brain-based) plan and checklist that will motivate you, get you organized, and help you maintain momentum after the course.

Individual Support

Research shows that people heal best with encouragement and support, which are available right inside the course. Easy peasy!

Bonus Resources:

 A list of my favorite podcasts, books, and videos will be all yours as you work on managing anxiety and dealing with life. Get resources from the biggest anxiety nerd out there.

Rebecca's Professional Bio

Rebecca Hunter is a private practice therapist who helps people go from chronic stress, burnout anxiety and overwhelm to calm, grounded and living with intention.

Rebecca graduated with Honors from University of Southern California's rigorous Masters in Social Work program. She began her career working with teens in juvenile justice and survivors of interpersonal violence. After working in community mental heath serving at risk populations, Rebecca transitioned to her dream of private practice. From her office in Hood River, Oregon, Rebecca works with people from all over the world to help them find peace. She has extensive trainings in solving the problem of anxiety. She has experience in trauma work, Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, ACT and Self Compassion. Using a blend of these modalities has proven to be successful for the many happier clients she has served over the years.

Rebecca enjoys working with individuals, companies and groups who are invested in healthy emotional balance for themselves and their families. Private sessions, online classes and groups as well as larger company trainings are all geared to facilitate a better understanding of mental health. When she's not geeking out on mental health, she can be found in the stunning Columbia River Gorge taking advantage of all that life has to offer. Whether it's hiking, fishing, camping or just hanging with her golden lab, Rebecca is an easy going, open minded person always on the lookout for the next adventure! 

Need a bit more information?

Watch this 3 minute video to find out more about the class and who it is best suited for.


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