The Overthinking Solution

How to STOP Overthinking today...Before you lose your mind. 


If you’re an over-thinker looking for peace, then you probably already know that you need help.

I see you. I've been where you are. It's super frustrating and annoying that your mind never turns off. When you are working, trying to sleep, even just playing with the's thinking all the time. Double time. Over-thinkers tend to go over and over the same situation a million times in their quest for peace. It's a never ending cycle. Wouldn't it be awesome to get some quiet? A little peace of mind? The ability to think straight? It might be time to dig into this one. Solving the problem of over-thinking is entirely possible when you know what to do. Good thing I have experience in this.

The thinking

is leading to

bigger problems...

but how to stop?

We all have problems, right? But sometimes, all of the extra thinking makes things worse. When we overthink, our brain just runs wild. It creates more drama and spinning. We worry about everything from what people think about us to how to solve a particular problem. And forget about all of the worries parents and caregivers have! This leaves us unfocused, annoyed, under-slept, and sometimes even anxious!


What if you could...


Stop your brain's constant chatter

Learn an easy method to discipline your mind

Get some peace of mind!

Be focused and calm!


What exactly qualifies as "too much" thinking?


Your brain is an organ of your body. You should have command of that thing. When you are not able to choose to just "chill" with all of the thinking, you've probably got an overthinking problem. When you are laying in bed all mad at yourself because you have no idea to stop your brain from might have an overthinking problem. If you run through alternative scenarios in your head about what you should have said in that meeting...yup, you guessed it. It's time to get control of all of that thinking friend. Help has arrived.

You deserve to have a calmer life.

I can help you get there.


The Overthinking Solution

An online course where you'll learn how to overcome the frustration of constant mind chatter. 

Yes, this is exactly what I need!


Here's how it all shakes out...​​


Education and Information

  • Why human brains overthink: the education part
  • How to change your mind so it stops overthinking
  • Identify your main brain patterns

Change Requires Action​

  • Learn how to do self-inquiry, a useful self-help skill
  • Identify alternative focus points for your unique personality
  • Move towards a better relationship with yourself


You're also going to get access to:​

How to Tame That Monkey Mind!

This handy cheat sheet is yours to refer to as you learn about and get control of your overthinking. Having a reference at the right moment is key to success! 

Bonus Video Content!

Is all of your overthinking heading towards an anxiety problem? Get information on how the two are related and what you can do to take control of your brain now! Before you have an anxiety problem.

Course Checklist & Journaling Prompts

Enjoy writing? Here's something to help you really expand your learning from this course into a long term solution. A full checklist with journal prompts for each section.

Are you finally ready to learn how to stop overthinking?

Because that is entirely possible!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


  • The Overthinking Solution - $147 value
  • The Monkey Mind Guide - $97 value
  • Bonus Video Content - $97 value
  • Course Checklist and Journaling Prompt - $59 value

    When you add it all up, that’s a value of $400!

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


The results speak for themselves...

"Rebecca's teaching style is different- it's highly entertaining and thorough. I've actually learned way more than I thought I would. I'm grateful."


"I am so much more aware of my thinking now and can very easily discipline my brain to let things go. This is a huge change."


Hey there, I'm Rebecca!

Private Practice Therapist, Mental Health Educator & Anxiety Survivor

I'm the biggest Anxiety Nerd you'll ever meet. And we cannot heal without information.This is my life's work.

So, I'm out here, A badass therapist on a mission. I have a private practice, a podcast, an online business & big plans to help as many people recover from anxiety and depression as possible. Because, recovery is possible.


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.​

Your life does not have to be like this, friend. You can get a handle on this overthinking and then move along to life's more important matters. Like, having fun and not worrying so darn much. As a therapist, I see way too many people wait too long to solve some of these fairly simple issues along the way. Then they turn into bigger issues. Let's nip this thing, shall we?


You membership gets you access to The Overthinking Solution, a research backed, therapist designed method for getting rid of overthinking.

The course and all of it's contents and bonus materials will be available to you for 1 year from date of purchase.

This course consists of several video lessons with action items- followed by a bonus session on anxiety and panic. There are also a couple of very helpful writing exercises and handouts for visual learners. Writing changes the brain. 

This course has an app! So, if you want to, you can take it on the go. Sweet! 

This is an easy to follow and concise course with a bunch of great information. 

Bring a notebook to class.

This class is made to be a simple concise solution to a straightforward problem. The course is 3 jam packed video lessons and 2 impactful handouts with thought prompts and visual aids. Get out a notebook and pen. There will be homework!

If you are interested in learning about how to deal with anxiety, there's also a bonus session at the end! 

The Overthinking Solution is PERFECT for you if...

  • You are totally fed up with the overthinking
  • You have interest in learning about your brain and body
  • You are an action oriented person- just tell you what to do and you'll do it!
  • You are invested in having a better life. Because this is a game changer.


Here's what you get when you join....

The Overthinking Solution

This course will help you shift to a calmer mindset. You will be able to decide when you are done thinking about any given subject and discipline your mind to just STOP already. And you will learn a ton about mental health too.

Monkey Mind Visual Aide

Our brain remembers things when we deliver it in different ways. This handout will help you have a visual representation of how you will solve the problem of overthinking. Hang it where you can spot it.  Bye bye monkey mind! See ya never.

Organizational and Therapeutic Tools

A checklist of the course contents complete with suggested journaling prompts for the corresponding lesson. Writing is another way to change the brain for good. 

No questions, I'm ready for this!


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