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I would love to help you reach your goals!

I've enjoyed being a therapist for many years. My work is grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience and teaching you techniques that have proven to help people thrive. I specialize in eliminating anxiety and ending repetitive cycles of depression. I specialize in solutions, not just coping skills.

Pro Tip? The answer to everything lies in how you conduct your relationship to yourself. My work with you will help you to take solid action towards a much more peaceful and compelling way of living. I find this process to be straightforward, fun and one of life's many adventures. 

By changing your mind, you can change your life.

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My private practice is exclusively online- you can choose phone or video sessions. I use a very action oriented approach to therapy, for people who are looking for big change in less time. 

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Why I created Take Out Therapy Podcast & Club

My thousands of hours in the therapist chair has led to a way overzealous interest in mental health education. I'm basically an enthusiastic geek. The average person doesn't know enough to be mentally healthy, and it's concerning. So I decided to be involved in my own way. I teach people HOW to be connected, present and self aware.

Just like my podcast, Take Out Therapy Club is a place for you to grow as a person on your own time, with simple instructions and clear action plans. It's better mental health. Delivered.

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