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Are you looking for a different approach?

Many people try traditional therapy and find it to be less than helpful.

After working and training in the therapy field for many years, I found the clinical, medical approach lacking. Long assessment forms, unnecessary diagnoses and ugly offices were not my style. That's why I am doing things differently.

Hi! I'm Rebecca Hunter, MSW...therapist, educator and major mental health nerd!

I help chronically stressed out people to slow down, find balance and discover themselves- using an action oriented, updated approach. Whether you work with me individually, listen to my podcast,   or take my self-paced online class ...You'll learn about how to take the healthiest actions at the right time to massively improve your life. I'm all about a simple approach to great mental health! 

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Better Mental Health. DELIVERED.

Improve your mental health, emotional stability & life skills in less than 20 minutes a week. Simple, straightforward, authentic advice & education from a private practice therapist. Your personal growth isn't going to happen without you.


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