Hello There! I'm Rebecca:)

I'm glad you're here. It means you are looking for some change. Good for you.

Stuff you should know about me: I am a classically trained therapist gone rogue! In addition to running a successful private practice, I also have a podcast, and online courses aimed at helping people feel better fast. 

My style of working with people is direct and research based- people are not just looking to talk when they work with me. They are looking to take action that will lead to results in their lives. 

Take a look around. Maybe I can help you find what you are looking for.


Work With Me

I work with people in many different ways! In person, on the phone or by video- helping you reach your goals and feel great! Single or ongoing sessions, as always! 

Stop Overthinking

Learn an easy and straightforward method to tame your busy mind. Using research backed therapy strategies, this online class will help you discipline your brain. Overthinking can lead to anxiety, so intervention is key.

The Podcast

Speedy sessions for everyday mental health and relationship issues. My podcast is 20 minutes or less and updated every week! Subscribe to stay in the know!

Got "Monkey Mind?"

Download my free handout to help you get control of that chatty, chatty monkey.

Get the Goods!

My practice is located in beautiful Hood River, Oregon

Email Me @ [email protected]


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