Hi! I'm Rebecca.

Welcome to my site! I LOVE being a therapist and helping people truly get to know and love themselves. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for here.

My specialization is ANXIETY, and my action-oriented style helps people get the results they are looking for very quickly. Whether you are working with me individually, listening to my podcast, or taking my self-paced online class I teach people about how to take the healthiest actions at the right time to massively improve their lives.

The only thing needed in order to change your life is YOUR participation and a skilled guide. I'm happy to help!😊


Self-Help for Anxiety

Sometimes all we need is some good information and a modern approach. This self-paced, 3-part class is designed for people who want to try something different to create huge change.  Worth about a year of therapy and less than the cost of ONE session. Feel better through education, mindfulness and self care.

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the Take Out Therapy podcast

Self-Help on the go! Your everyday problems, solved by a Private Practice Therapist- in just 20 minutes. Good information does not have to take long. A quick session will do you good! It's ALL about having healthy relationships and sustainable mental health. Join me, Rebecca Hunter, MSW for your weekly sesh. I'm here for you, friend!

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