Are you looking for a modern approach?

Many people try traditional therapy and find it to be less than helpful.

After working and training in the therapy field for many years, I found the clinical, medical approach lacking. Long assessment forms, unnecessary diagnoses and ugly offices were not my style. That's why I am doing things differently.

Hi! I'm Rebecca Hunter, MSW...therapist, educator and major mental health nerd!

I help chronically stressed out people to slow down, find balance and discover themselves- using an updated approach. Whether you work with me individually, listen to my podcast,   or take my self-paced online class ...You'll learn about how to take the healthiest actions at the right time to massively improve your life. I'm all about a simple approach to great mental health! 

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Take Out Therapy Club is a new kind of membership

it's a therapist led, action-oriented, personal growth program delivered to you in every possible format, every month for a ridiculously low price.

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Anxiety. if left untreated, will slowly take over your life, starting with your mind. Learn to eliminate annoying symptoms like overthinking, worry, tight, racing chest and digestive issues using this simple, action oriented program.

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The Take Out Therapy Podcast

simple, action-oriented mental health sessions for people in a hurry for change.


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