Rebecca Hunter, MSW

Helping busy people find themselves in the mess, and regain balance through action-oriented therapy and coaching.

The Mental Health System is a Bit Stuck, Isn't It??

...after being a Therapist for years in stuffy clinics, with endless paperwork and enough red tape to stretch the world over, I decided to do things differently.

My job is to help you ditch the overthinking, overwhelm and stress, 

...not just cope with it.


  •  Less anxiety and depression: No more living in the grip of worry or the dark pit of sadness. Discover tools to manage your mood and take control.
  • Real, lasting change: Ditch endless therapy loops. We get straight to actionable steps, empowering you to build new habits and break old patterns.
  • A brain you understand: Unlock the secrets of your own mind. Learn how stress works and leverage neuroscience and mindfulness to navigate challenges with ease.
  • Confidence and resilience: Build your emotional toolbox with free resources and self-help strategies. Become resourceful, empowered, and capable of handling whatever life throws your way.
  • Flexible support: Ditch one-size-fits-all therapy. We work on your terms, at your pace, with individualized goals that light you up. 

Stop merely surviving stress. Let's unlock your potential for true well-being.



Are you looking for a different approach to your mental health? Many people try traditional therapy and find it to be less than helpful or actually quite boring (I tend to agree.) My modern, goal-oriented style will help you get the results you're looking for:

  • Lose the negative self-talk
  • Find yourself in the chaos
  • Finally get some peace of mind

I know you must have questions!

...if you have any more, please reach out to me at [email protected]

No! You can design your own personal growth project. You will set the schedule for how often you want to do sessions. Some of my clients see me every week, some, just once a month- it's totally up to you!

Been there, done that. I no longer work in the medical model of mental health. This gives you the freedom from your mental health being discussed, documented or considered as part of your medical records.

My clients typically have no interest in a diagnosis, they just want help. If you are appropriate for working with me, you are someone who is ready to dig into some serious personal growth work. 

Time: Our sessions will always be a full hour, and sometimes a few minutes longer. You'll likely leave with some homework (video to watch, article to read, podcast, etc) and a new perspective.

Financial: All sessions are $200 each and I do not require packages, or commitments or any of that. I offer expert help and solutions. 

** I accept health saving account cards, credit cards and venmo for all sessions **

Ready For a Change?

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