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How to Be Nice to You

Do you sh!t talk yourself?!

Not helpful.

Learn how to practice the simple act of Self-Compassion in this episode. You might also enjoy taking a quiz on your level of self-compassion over at

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Social F-ing Media

Hi friends!

This week's episode is all about social media. What can we do in our own lives to use it for good and not evil?

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Get out of Your Comfort Zone


It's not just a cliche- life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone. There are a multitude of reasons why this is the case and I will tell you why it's important and how the heck to get moving out of your zone. I promise, it will only hurt a little.

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How to Deal With Drama

This is the episode you've all been waiting for!

Stop the Drama train already!

Get some information about why on earth people cause so much drama and find out what you can do about it.

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Get to Know Your Brain

In this episode I talk about why it's important to get to know your brain.

It is a machine in your body, not your complete source of all the information.

Learn more by listening.

You know what?! I'm on i-tunes!! It's kind of exciting because hopefully my podcast will reach more people now. I'm grateful to get to do this work in a way that feels so good to me.





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Validation is a New Fad!

Get with it! Validation is a new fad. Just kidding, but it IS a very important thing...if you want to have relationships. We all need validation to feel connection. If validation is something you could stand to learn about or teach your partner about, listen up.
In this episode, I am getting my info from the book:
I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships
by Michael Sorensen
There's a ton of info in the book, so I recommend it as a supplement to this episode.

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Take a Damn Vacation!

It's time to plan your next vacation. Learn about why taking vacation is very important for your life and your mind. 

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Got Boundaries?!

This is a behind the door episode about something I talk about all of the time in therapy sessions...Boundaries!

Do you understand the concept of boundaries? In this session we will go deep and get to the bottom of things:

What boundaries are, why they are a great thing, and how to set boundaries so they stick.


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How's Your Relationship with Yourself?

How's your relationship with yourself?  Listen as I discuss how you can dig in and improve your relationship with yourself. Learn some tricks and skills that I teach in the therapy office and use myself!

Resource Alert!  Kristin Neff-



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What to do About Gossip

Humans gossip. Learn why we do it, why it sucks and get some concrete strategies for not continuing this damaging behavior.



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