Everything is Temporary

Ever have those days (or weeks) when nothing goes as planned? Yep, me too!

This is pretty much how life has been over the course of this pandemic.  Hard. Unpredictable. Things feel like they will never be the same. This is how difficult times are sometimes…

However, one thing that is really helpful to remember in times of trouble, is that everything is temporary.

When we remember the temporary nature of things, it can help us get unstuck! Nothing is permanent. The brain has a tendency to get jammed up with our thoughts and feelings, and the idea of permanence feels real. Changing our perspective will create big shifts. If everything is temporary, then we can handle difficulty better! Game on!

Here are a few ways we can open up to the temporary and ever-changing nature of life:

  • Willingness. Be willing to play around with the idea of permanence. Be in what you are in, in a willing way.
  • Mantra – reframing statements. Have a mantra or a little phrase you can repeat...
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There is Nothing Wrong with You

Newsflash! There is nothing wrong with you! We live in a world that tells us that we’re not ok, and we can either ignore that, or we can confront it. 


We’re pathologizing ourselves. We’re so busy saying whats wrong with us that we fail to see a pathway for solution. We’ve created a stigma, labeling ourselves because we don’t function the way that we think our society thinks we should function. Labeling ourselves as mental health diagnoses. I’m anxious. I’m depressed. I’m OCD. I’m bipolar.  

Today’s information will hopefully help you see past all of the labels…and know that you are going to be just fine, friend! 

We can find a better path to healing if we stop focusing on these labels and focus instead on a mindset shift. 

3 tools that you can put in your toolbox to help you shift that mindset. 

  • Self-compassion. Talk to...
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Rolling with change

As a therapist, I’m hearing from a lot of my clients about the impact of this pandemic over time on people’s lives. Change is hard. And in this situation, it’s constant! “We are open- wait, no we are closed!” “Kids to School! No, wait! Online School!” Holy Moley. I thought it might be helpful to talk today about how we can Roll With Change instead of feeling stuck.

Why does Change Have to be SO Darn Hard?

  • Brain Stuff: When things stay the same, our brain is happy, because it has done its job of keeping us safe and alive. When things start happening that we don’t like or weren’t planning, our brain doesn’t like it. It thinks that life is unsafe. And it makes us feel “unsafe” to make changes. And round and round.
  • Our Stories: The other part of what’s going on, is our thoughts and feelings about stuff feel true, and they feel permanent. I refer to these internal conversations as stories. I've talked to so...
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The Cell Phone Habit

Got a Cell Phone Habit? Yep, me too.

I just returned from spending a week camping in the woods. No cellphones, no rings, no dings. Just enjoying nature. It was so nice. But it’s so hard to do that now that I’m back at home! These machines have us roped in In this episode I am talking about why it might be beneficial to take a look at our cell phone habits, and what we can do to cut back.

What’s wrong with being glued to our phones?

  • Too Connected – too much access to information, bad news, it’s overwhelming
  • Disconnection – it’s hard on our relationships, we’re not connecting with people face to face
  • Body Problems – posture problems, and possibly higher risks for cancer, do some research to see what’s being researched with cellphone usage, it’s not great.
  • Promotes addictive behavior – apps are designed to keep us using them, it can change the way our brains work and how we focus.

So now what? How do we work on...

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Dealing with Pandemia


Are you struggling to deal with all of the constant change and chaos in the world right now? Yes, lots of people are.

In the mental health field, we are starting to see an increase in anxiety and depression. Uh-oh! Let’s not go down that rabbit hole…In this episode, I am dishing out some tactics to survive “Pandemia” without losing your mind.


First, if you are suffering, I encourage you go and get some help! Even a few sessions  could do wonders for your overall ability to deal with this situation.

As I see it, there are a couple of major things happening right now with this pandemic and people’s overall mental health. One major theme I see is that people are feeling overstimulated. And then some are under-stimulated. Neither one of these things is good for our bodies and our brains. It’s emotional overload in every direction for a lot of people at one time. We don’t have any control over a lot of things that are...

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Anger Is Not The Answer

Do you ever get really angry and not know how to move forward? It is an easy place to get stuck! Anger is a “secondary emotion.” Anger is so many different emotions! Sometimes anger is protecting us from more difficult emotions. So let’s look at anger. What are the emotions underneath and how can we all deal with those?

We’ve been taught that anger is something we want to avoid. If  you were raised in a house with an angry parent, you’re probably not that comfortable with anger. Or, if you were raised in a house with a lot of passionate yelling, then maybe anger is not that big of a deal to you. We all have differing perspectives on expressing anger.

There’s a lot of anger out there in the world right now. Isn’t there? A lot of things are super messed up and we’re having to deal with a lot of really difficult emotions. Some of those could be:

  • Our brains don’t want to feel vulnerable, so it goes to anger because anger...
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One Year Later

This is an exciting episode! This week marks my 1 year anniversary of doing this podcast. I have recorded 52 episodes, baby! I thought it would be fun to talk with you about how to reflect on your achievements and learn to move forward intentionally.

It’s been a huge year of personal growth for me. Starting a project and keeping with it for an entire year is really an achievement! I feel like we are always so focused on the future and are really down on ourselves about the ways in which we didn’t reach our goals., myself included sometimes. I want to show you a process of personal growth inquiry that’s kind ,and growth centered, but also celebrates the win.

I am stoked about this podcast! I have received a lot of great feedback from people that they are finding it helpful, and I’m going to keep going. My mission has always been to help as many people as I can. Teaching people about their mental health and personal growth changes lives for the better....

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A Little Pep Talk

Today, we all need a pep talk!  Don’t you think? Things are really hard right now. This pandemic has been going for a few months, and we’re not done yet. We don’t know what’s going to happen next. This situation has thrown our lives into a tailspin, and our brains don’t like it.

Here’s the deal: Your brain is set up to keep you alive. Safe.


The great unknown?

Oh no, no, no.

Brain doesn’t like it.

A lot of how we’re feeling is because our brain is responding to what feels like a pretty unsafe situation. Our brains are very resistant to change and uncertainty. Our brains are like, “when are things going back to normal?”

But there is no normal anymore. We have to create a new normal.

Today, I want to tell you that you can get through this, and I can too.

Here’s a few things that can help us all:

  • Take a break from media. Following every single detail about what’s happening is not helpful, so maybe...
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It's Not About You

It’s very natural for us to take things personally. It’s normal brain behavior actually!

Other people’s actions hurt our feelings sometimes. Other people’s behaviors and moods can really throw us off our game. Ever stayed up all night worrying about a conflict you had with someone? This is something that comes up a lot in therapy- so this week’s podcast episode goes on an in-depth exploration of why we take things so personally.

And then of course, I will give you some tips on how to stay in your own lane.

Because here’s the thing … IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!

When we stop taking everything so personally, we can live our own lives, we can get to know ourselves, and stop thinking so damn much. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Self compassion and confidence are key here!

Want to know how to stop taking things personally?

It requires inquiry- be willing to stop and examine what’s going on:

  • What are your thoughts? Check for any...
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In My Head

Monkey Mind.


Thought Loops.

Any of these sound familiar? You might be living in your head!


When we live in our heads, our mind is a blaze of thoughts ideas and worries. Here’s the problem…it’s just not good for our bodies. It keeps us from sleeping, focusing, or being productive. It’s a circus in there!

Here’s how to tell if you’re living in your head:

  • You’re thinking all the time, without being able to let things go.
  • Perhaps you have trouble with focus and productivity
  • You say “I’m so busy” on repeat.
  • You’re having a lot of different emotions that actually aren’t related to your own life.


Let’s work on this to help you get all of the thinking under control.

In order to get more balanced you’ve  gotta get in your body.

Some ways to get out of your head and into your body:

  • 444 breathing. Do this 4x a day. Breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, breath out for 4...
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